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Lost and Found
Opening Date June 24, 2019
Running Time 90 mins
Synopsis On a crisp, fall day 12 year old Katie Sullivan disappears from her school without a trace. Her mother Janet orgaizes a massive nationwide manhunt but Katie is nowhere to be found and presumed dead. Five years later a 17 year old Katie turns up at Janet's doorstep. The overwhelming joy is short lived though as Katie is suffering from severe trauma and unable to account for her absence. What's worse, after mysterious strangers begin following them, Janet becomes convinced the kidnappers have also returned for Katie.
Christmas Anytime, Anywhere
Opening Date July 1, 2019
Running Time 90 mins
Synopsis Five years after the loss of her father, Corey Cauffiel is still celebrating his memory each year by putting on their wintry town’s annual Christmas pageant. But between her busy schedule at the arts center and helping her mother run their family’s antique store, it’s hard for Corey to remember what it ever felt like to want more. Her romantic dream of moving to the city has long since passed, despite constant reminders from her best friend who is doing well there.

Meanwhile, handsome Ryder Donnelly—who has just been selected as this year’s most eligible Christmas Catch bachelor by the city’s newspaper holiday stunt—wants nothing more to escape the city and the press. Ryder slips off to a quiet, snowy town for a ski weekend away, where he meets Corey when scouring for an antique Christmas clock in her family's store. Ryder is taken with Corey at first sight, and a romance blossoms between them. But after a fleeting, romantic weekend, Corey breaks Ryder’s heart, sending him back to the city, convinced the distance will never work.

As Christmas steadily approaches, Corey herself is still heartbroken over the terrible decision she made to send Ryder away. But when an opportunity strikes for her to spend the holidays in the city with her best friend Jillian, Corey realizes she has been given another chance to seek out Ryder as well, and see if what they had was something more than just a fleeting holiday romance. Now, with only a week until Christmas, Corey sets off on an adventure into the city with an old Christmas clock and one mission in mind—to find her Christmas catch, so Corey can finally make a Christmas match.
Psycho Party Planner
Opening Date July 22, 2019
Running Time 90 mins
Synopsis Movie

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