5 September, 2017

Welcome to the 22nd season of Film Group.

The schedule this year will be similar to that of last year. The same movie will play Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening, with the exception of the opening one which screens on Wednesday, September 20 only, allowing for a single opening celebration.

The Rates remain the same as 2015:

FG Season (14 Movies)       $110

Super 7 (any 7 FG movies)    $60

Pay-as-you-go (each)         $10


And, as before, flashing your FG membership cards entitles you to an $8 rate for any other commercial movie that we play in this theatre for the entire FG season. Cards are transferrable, too. Once again, because not all cards are full-season as they once were, we will be perforating the cards at admission. You may buy your memberships at any time between now and Opening Night. After that, only the Super 7 ones will be available. Remember that you do not need a membership to attend, in which case you simply pay the $10 admission fee. You can arrange your memberships by phone or email if you like and they will be available for pickup any time the theatre is open, or on opening night.

So, Opening Night is Wednesday, September 20. There will be sweets, coffee and tea. The doors will be open at 6:00 PM. There will be a registration table at which you can buy memberships or pick up pre-arranged ones.

We will have printed copies of the schedule available at the theatre at all times, but our distribution is now electronic only. This mailing covers the 2017portion of the season; there will be another newsletter in late December for the 2018 dates.

We never expose our mailing list to others, and its only purpose will be to advise you of events of interest at this theatre.

Best, Murray
O'Brien Theatre - Renfrew


Hello Everyone!

Film Group is no longer offered in Arnprior. Please go to the Renfrew side to see Art and Alternative film offerings.

You can be added to their e-mail list by sending your info to or calling them at 613.432.6139. (I told everyone when they gave me their addresses I would not trade, sell or give your information away)

Kevin Marshall
O'Brien Theatre - Arnprior


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